Ja Rule's Back Taxes and the Five Other Wimpiest Rapper Arrests Ever

Yesterday, Top 40 hip-hop megastar and occasional actor Ja Rule was sentenced to two years in prison for failing to file his taxes.

Remember the good old days when rappers were taking each other out on their records and in real life? Or they wrote verses about crackhouses from inside crackhouses? Or what about a good ol' Puffy's-got-a-gun-in-the-club?

These days, radio-friendly, major-label pampered manbabies like Ja Rule are only getting pinched for crap like jaywalking and blowing stop signs. After the jump, check out the five other wimpiest rapper arrests ever.

Soulja Boy Arrested For Returning to the Scene of the Crime (Swag!) 

In 2009, a 19-year-old Soulja Boy was partying and making a music video in an abandoned house in Atlanta, when the 5-0 rolled up and everybody scattered. A little while later, he returned to the party-squat to retrieve his Range Rover and the police pinched him for obstruction of justice.

Ice-T Arrested For Expired Car Insurance (and Calling the Cop a Punk Bitch!) 

The rapper and Law and Order star was cuffed by the NYPD over out-of-date insurance and for calling the arresting officer a "punk bitch." As he explains in this video: "The reason I did that was because he pretty much was a punk bitch."

Jim Jones Arrested For Driving With A Suspended License (Yawn!)

Much like Crossfade's complete befuddlement over rappers' inability to hire designated drivers (or semi-famous rockers who can't buy drugs from, like, dealers), we just can't understand how none of these MCs, including Dipset founder Jim Jones have their damn papers in order.

Rick Ross Arrested For Very Little Weed (Bawse!)

Yeah, it's a drug charge. But it was less than a gram! We thought the Bawse smoked quarter-ounce blunts?!

Flavor Flav Arrested For Every Non-Moving Violation Possible (Yeah Boyee!)

Public Enemy hypeman turned celebreality buffoon Flavor Flav is another rapper arrested for humdrum auto-related negligence. But at least he went all out, accumulating two warrants for driving without a license, one for driving without insurance, and a parking violation to top it off.

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