Is David Cassidy a Marlins Fan? The Teen Dream Talks Baseball and Celebrity Apprentice

David Cassidy beats Bieber in any sort of teen dream competition, even today. Like, today's Cassidy versus today's Bieber. Sorry, Biebz, but Cassidy's cuter. His feathered hair is better than the lesbian 'do any day.

Everyone remembers Cassidy, the androgynous, non-threatening TV and stage star who stole the hearts of young zitty ladies in the 1970s. The Partridge Family made him famous, but he's stayed in the spotlight, selling over 30 million albums and appearing on Broadway, and even this year's Celebrity Apprentice.

Cassidy will be at Sun Life Stadium for Baker Concrete Marlins Super Saturday taking pics with fans. We asked him about life as a teen dream, and if he's a Marlins fan.

Getting all that attention you received at such a young age, was there any one thing that most freaked you out about being a teen idol? 

When I played Madison Square Garden,  fans turned over a number of limos out of excitement. I was in the trunk of a Toyota and taken to Queens, the last place anyone would look for me. During that weekend, I did a press conference at John Jay College and there were more media there than they'd ever had. I couldn't get in the building. The immensity of what was happening hit me at that moment.

What was the greatest benefit of your adolescent fame?  

I got to touch millions of people's lives, bring light. And having received up to 30,000  letters a week, I know I had a positive influence as a role model and a long-lasting and mutually passionate connection with my fans that continues to exist today.

Is music your true passion? If you had to do any other job, not music or acting related, what would it be?

Thoroughbred horse trainer, a passion of mine.

If you could now give your 15-year-old self a little advice, what would it be? 

Exactly what I was and am - which is to be true to yourself. Never work for money, work for the challenge of taking risks which I always will.

What was the craziest thing that happened on set at Celebrity Apprentice? With Nene, Lil Jon, and Gary Busey, you must have a few good tales!

All of it!

Are you a Marlins fan? You can be honest.  

Yes! But I was born and raised in New York, so I am still loyal to the Yankees.

Watch the Marlins beat the Astros on July 9, Baker Concrete Marlins Super Saturday at 7:10 p.m. at Sun Life Stadium (2267 Dan Marino Blvd., Miami) with special guest David Cassidy as part of the pregame festivities, meeting and taking photos with fans in The Strike Zone at Gate H.

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