Invisible Touch

While a local sighting of Victor Calderone behind the turntables is none too rare, it's good that there is actually a celebrity DJ out there doing the unexpected: that is, practicing the subtle art of working a nightclub with his mixes. Unlike a lot of jocks, Calderone knows he's not spinning for the radio. He lets songs stretch and breathe rather than slamming them together in quick succession.

His attention to detail reveals itself well on his new mix CD, Resonance. Instead of using one of his own Madonna remixes (such as his high-impact versions of "Beautiful Stranger" and "Don't Tell Me"), Calderone chooses relatively nondes-cript tracks -- such as Roach Motel's "Wild Luv" and an original cut called "Drive" -- that share common elements like tribal drums and dark chords. Calderone won't bash you over the head with his mixes, but patience will yield an ultimately sweaty dance-floor journey.

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Tamara Palmer