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Calussa Brings Brotherly Love and Timeless Beats to Crowds Around the Globe

As Calussa, Andrew and Gino Gomez share their passion for culturally rich rhythms and beats with a global audience.
Brothers Andrew and Gino Gomez make up the duo Calussa.
Brothers Andrew and Gino Gomez make up the duo Calussa. Photo by Kenneth Lesley
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Getting into business with family can always be a gamble, but the gamble has paid off for brothers Andrew and Gino Gomez. Known professionally as Calussa, the Miami-bred, Cuban-American producers share their passion for the culturally rich rhythms and beats they could find in their backyard with a global audience.

Andrew and Gino's journey into the world of electronic music began nearly 12 years ago under a different alias. But as their sound evolved, the brothers felt a name change was in order — and that's when Calussa was born.

"We were getting bored of our old, stereotypical electronic music back then," Gino says. "We started slowly transitioning over, and we started this project from scratch and kind of discarded our old, you know, project that we actually spent almost six years building."

The result is a fusion of Afro, tech, and Latin influences that has captivated audiences worldwide. Calussa's sound gained traction quickly, and Andrew and Gino quickly found themselves spinning for crowds worldwide, from Dubai to Mykonos and Barcelona to Miami.

But it wasn't just their DJ sets that garnered attention.
Tracks like "San Juan," "Besame," and "More Life" soared on Beatport's global charts, and renowned producers like Black Coffee, Blond:Ish, and Vintage Culture took notice.

The siblings' most recent single, "Fell in Luv," featuring Carlita, exemplifies the ever-evolving style that has come to exemplify their career. Release on Diplo's record label, Higher Ground, the collaboration brings together a unique mix of classic vibes with techno and house elements.

"We were playing in Dubai at the same time as Carlita, and we were just having coffee together, and we showed her the record," Andrew says of the track. "She really loved it, and after she worked on it a little more, it became something really special. It's definitely outside our typical sound, but it's a sound we're very excited about as we're pushing into a new wave. Diplo's label has done an amazing job of pushing the record. He has an amazing team and an amazing label. So it's really special for us."

Calussa's impact on the dance music scene also y extends to their imprint, Hurry Up Slowly. Originally starting as an event brand, the label has evolved into a music platform and an opportunity to nurture emerging talent.
"Our whole catalogue has been pretty well received internationally," Andrew shares. "We hear our label tracks always being played no matter where we are. So really, the label's music is so international, it's so worldwide, it speaks to such a wide audience. I think that's something that we really curated, almost not intentionally. It's just a sound that is a really global sound that we've always been inspired by from our roots."

With a new tour on the horizon, the brothers are eager to introduce their Miami sound to audiences far and wide. Calussa's journey is one of passion, dedication, and their roots. As Andrew and Gino explore new sonic territories, one thing remains certain: Their music will continue to unite audiences worldwide with its infectious rhythm and timeless appeal.

"In August, we're gonna have our first tour in Asia. We've never toured in Asia or brought our music to Asia," Gino adds. "It's gonna be a very interesting experience to see how our music and our label from Miami is going to translate over there. That's definitely something we're looking forward to, and just pretty much evolving our sound, bigger collaborations, and hopefully just growing the label into a more mature sound."
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