All Bets Are Off for Bedouin's Return to Miami

Bedouin is set to play three shows in Miami.
Bedouin is set to play three shows in Miami. Photo by EHBk
"Looking back, it feels like last summer. And when you're so inside of it, time becomes irrelevant, and it doesn't even exist anymore," Tamer Malki, half of the DJ duo Bedouin, tells New Times from Istanbul.

Bedouin's Malki and Rami Abousabe have many reasons for having a skewed sense of time. For one, the pair hit the international circuit with both feet running when they formed in 2012, becoming a must-see at Burning Man in 2013. Four years later, their track "Straight to the Heart" was a mystical delight and a seminal track for the reverie-laced label All Day I Dream.

And now Bedouin is producing its first-ever album, slated for release early next year. Malki is tightlipped on the exact details, including the album's name, but ensured that the record would not be a slipshod collection of sterile dance music. The two are no longer bound to give deference exclusively to electronic music and have an opportunity to write and produce with live instruments and make beats for other environments besides the dance floor.

"We played every instrument and wrote the songs," Malki says. "It was all us on a record from A to Z. It's not a single or a remix; it's pretty much 100 percent original. I would say there are four to five tracks that are dance floor friendly, and the others are just for listening — to listen to them anywhere. I envision people listening to them in the car or going to work or walking down the street."

The New York City-based duo can test their latest creations at three upcoming shows in Miami: Art With Me at Virginia Key Beach Park, CircoLoco during Miami Art Week, and an unannounced performance.

"I think overall, the shows are going to be somewhat different since it's three different setups," Malki explains. "We're doing outdoors for Art With Me, which is art and music, so it's going to be a musical experience as opposed to a rave."
The other shows take place during Miami Art Week, with Bedouin headlining the international party series CircoLoco on December 1 and an unannounced performance during Miami Art Week. Considering the party atmosphere that weekend, expect the sets to be less sipping mint tea and more full-throttle raving.

"There are always going to be similarities in our output," Malki says. "There is always going to be melodic and a certain level of sophistication that we try to go for, but what varies is the energy level. Sometimes playing in bigger rooms and crowds, you need to carry and evolve the sound. And other times, you're playing a more relaxed vibe where you can experiment more musically."

Both Malki and Abousabe are of Middle Eastern descent, and something Bedouin tries to incorporate into its productions.

"Our music tends to be musical with melody and vocals, so that helps with being able to connect easier with a larger crowd as opposed to a very narrow audience," Malki explains.

Though the upcoming album is a first for the duo, it symbolizes Bedouin's malleability to both play differently and be different.

"It's a full album meant to profile us as musicians and producers," says Malki. "It's a big step for us, and we've been working on it for the last several years, and it finally came together during the pandemic."

Art With Me. With Bedioun, Moderat, DJ Seinfeld, Jamie XX, Lee Burridge, and others. 1 p.m. Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27 at Virginia Key Beach Park, 4020 Virginia Beach Dr., Miami; Tickets cost $85 to $237 via

Circoloco Miami. With Bedioun, Micheal Bibi, Carlita, Chloé Caillet, and others. 3 p.m. Thursday, December 1 at location TBA. Tickets cost $72.19 to $226.49 via
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