International Thursday at Jazid Continue Tomorrow Night With Reggae Latino

What's up, fans of Jazid's International Thursdays? The series that has brought you such jammy jams as the Brazilian Cabana Cachaca, Rockea en Español, Noche Argentino and Parranda Colombiana adds a new theme to the apparently ever-growing sampling of international Latin landscapes. This Thursday it will break out Reggae Latino (not to be confused with that "Reggaeton Latino" that Don Omar kept singing about). The party is billed as "sweet Reggae Latino with the best hits of all time." No telling if that means that partygoers will be treated to Spanish language renditions of Bob Marley or actual Spanish reggae classics, or whether we're talking new school like Fidel

Nadal or older school like Cultura Profetica. But a likely bet would be a little of everything.

Though which bands will be on hand are not actually advertised, they will have live bands performing, as well as DJs. And not to mention $1 draft beers all night long. Ah, kinda reminds you of Penny Beer Reggae Night at the Hungry Sailor, doesn't it? Well, imbibe and enjoy! 

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