International Noise Conference Announces Another Bout of Chaos February 10

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Hey noiseniks, it's almost time again to put your auditory system through those 72 hours of awesome sonic abuse commonly known as the International Noise Conference.

As always, Rat Bastard and Laundry Room Squelchers will be helming the whole thing with backup from a sprawling roster of gear freaks and brutal geeks, including locals like Dino Felipe and Otto Von Schirach as well as non-Floridians like Philly's FUN, North Carolina's Clang Quartet, and Australia's Occult Blood.

The official tagline puts it best: "Three Days, All Noise, No Cover." See the cut for the International Noise Conference's full lineup.

The Miami Lineup for the International Noise Conference 2011

Day One

Thursday, February 10

-Laundry Room Squelchers (Miami Beach, FL)

-Container (Nashville, TN)

-Clang Quartet (Stokesdale, NC)

-Tinnitustimulus (Philadelphia, PA)

-Dick Neff (Philadelphia, PA)

-The Uh (St Petersburg, FL)

-Boy+Girl (St Petersburg, FL)

-Aiden Dillard (Miami, FL)

-The Fun (Philadelphia, PA)

-Thee Heidlecrumbs (Clearwater - Polk City, FL)

-Amanda Green & Luciano Guidini (Miami, FL)

-Otto Von Shirach (Miami, FL)

-Dino Felipe (Miami, FL)

-Ha Ha Help (Miami, FL)

-Temple of Bon Matin (Pompano Beach, FL)

-Dot Dot Dot Orchestra (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

-Jamison Williams (Jacksonville, FL)

-Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn (West Palm Beach, FL)

-Xela Zaid (Miami, FL)

-Doersam (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

-Motorcycles (Allentown, PA)

-Ryan Phillip (Allentown, PA)

-Chrome Dick (Miami, FL)

-Viking Funeral (Miami, FL)

-Sharlyn Evertsz (Miami, FL)

-Roofless Records' Percussion Conference (Miami, FL)

Day Two

Friday, February 11

Curator Todd Lynne

-WRASH (Tampa)

-Them Natives (Montevallo, AL)

-Cubicle (Atlanta, GA)

-What's YR Damage? (Orlando, FL)

-Rusty Libido (Oakland, CA)

-Booga Boooga (Sarasota, FL)

-S2K (Tampa, FL)

-Alien Overmind (Orlando, FL)

-Counters (Tampa, FL)

-Oubliette (Clyo, GA)

-Russian Tsarlag (Tampa, FL)

-Skeleton Warrior (Tampa, FL)

-Neon Blud (Tampa, FL)

-Daily Life (Providence, RI)

-SSLOT (Orlando, FL)

-Diamond Hymen (Tampa, FL)

-Boulders (Tampa, FL)

-Outmode (Tampa, FL)

-Lazy Magnet (Nashville, TN)

-No Milk (Tampa, FL)

-Blue Shift (Providence, RI)

-crAow (Tampa, FL)

-Kreb Drawn Hoops (Sarasota, FL)

-Cop City Chill Pillars (Lake Worth, FL)

-Time Ghost (Providence, RI)

-Severe Seed (Tampa, FL)

-Skein Kopf (Baltimore, MD)

-Brides Of Borg (Orlando, FL)

-Buoyant Sea (New Orleans, LA)

-Haves&Thirds (Tampa, FL)

-Xela Zaid (Miami, FL)

Day 3

Saturday, February 12

-Cock E.S.P. (Minneapolis, MN)

-Noumena (Columbus, OH)

-Newton (Philadelphia)

-Unicorn Hard-on (Nashville, TN)

-Leslie Keffer (Nashville, TN)

-Sharkiface (Oakland, CA)

-Kenny Millions (Hollywood, FL)

-George Myers (Northampton, MA)

-Grey Skull (Northampton, MA)

-This is My Condition (Lawrence, KS)

-Dave Smoden (Philadelphia)

-SHV (Providence, RI)

-Loop Retard (Madison, WI)

-Head Molt (Hampton, VA)

-Abiku (Baltimore, MD)

-Human Beast (Providence, RI)

-Graham Moore (Atlanta, GA)

-Fire Death (Cleveland, OH)

-Radio Shock (New York City)

-Naomi Elizabeth (San Diego, CA)

-John Vance (Minneapolis, MN)

-John Mannion (New York City, NY)

-Gay Bomb (Washington, DC)

-Collection of the Late Howell Bend (Tallahassee, FL)

-Iovae (Cincinnati, OH)

-Night Burger/Social Junk (Philadelphia, PA)

-Ironing (Gainesville, FL)

-Mugu Guymen (Austin, TX)

-Kristin Calvarese (Atlanta, GA)

-Douglas Ferguson (Austin, TX)

-Jiblit Dupree (Polk City, FL)

-Hobbledeions (Nashville, TN)

-Venison Whirled (Austin, TX)

-Suicide Magnets (Philadelphia)

-Occult Blood (Melbourne, Australia)

-Gore Crow Tones (Melbourne, Australia)

-Lloyd Honeybrook (Melbourne, Australia)

-Telepathik Friend (Austin, TX)

-Twilight Memories of the Three Suns (Washington, DC)

-Mutwawa (Richmond, VA)

-Flesh Control (Washington, DC)

-C. Lavender (New Brunswick, NJ)

-Baylies Band (Philadelphia, PA)

-VVAQRT (Raleigh, NC)

-Stag Party (Charleston, SC)

-Inner Fare (Philadelphia, PA)

-Ettrick (Oakland, CA)

-Pink Floyd Moneybreak (Melbourne, Australia)

-Anthro Rex (Northampton, MA)

-Pony Payroll Bones (Atlanta, GA)

-Secret Boyfriend (Raleigh, NC)

-Ian Michael (Miami, FL)

Interntational Noise Conference 2011, presented by Laundry Room Squelchers. Thursday, February 10 to Saturday, February 12. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. The chaos begins at 9 p.m. on Thursday, 6 p.m. on Friday, and 3 p.m. on Saturday. There's no cover. Call 305-757-1807 or visit churchillspub.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.