Incredible Video Vixen Moments in MTV History

Duran Duran, "Girls on Film" (1981)

The Brit modelizers introduced the original scandalous video chicks. Even the estrogen-filled WWF offshoot GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) took notes on this rowdy, R-rated smackdown.

Robert Palmer, "Addicted to Love" (1985)

Palmer must regularly turn over in his grave knowing his video of mindlessly identical, guitar-wielding lady druids -- the concept of which he apparently never approved -- is his pop culture epitaph.

Warrant, "Cherry Pie" (1990)

This signaled the death of the tried-and-true vixen convention of the Eighties: the Sunset Strip groupie with gravity-defying Aquanet-sprayed hair. But they sent it out in style: matching a King Kong-size Bobbie Brown (girlfriend to all things hard rock) to Warrant's Fay Wray as Brown dribbled cherry pie all over herself.

Sir Mix-a-Lot, "Baby Got Back" (1992)

This was the official turning point when booty took over as the reigning overlord of music videos. And it was immortalized by the giant ass-crack mountain of a set.

Aerosmith, "Crazy" (1994)

When Steven Tyler sanctioned this fictional tale of then-underage daughter Liv stripping at an amateur night and romping on a bed with gal-pal Alicia Silverstone, he skyrocketed up the creepy chart.

Prodigy, "Smack My Bitch Up" (1997)

One of the few videos MTV aired only in the middle of the night, this brilliantly directed thriller propelled viewers through what looked like all the trimmings of a debauched lad's night out (booze, drugs, puke, pussy), only to reveal that the principal character was actually a hot chick all her own.

Christina Aguilera, "Dirrty" (2002)

Eager to shed her Mouseketeer past for good, Aguilera had celebrity pop photographer David LaChapelle craft a video of mud-soaked, faux-dyke depravity set in an underworld of fight clubs and rutting in plush animal costumes.

Eminem, "Ass Like That" (2005)

Ever conscious of pushing the envelope, Eminem's championing of hoochie-fied puppets (courtesy of the Crank Yankers crew) finally recognized the video vixen for what she truly is: a tightly stuffed sex puppet.

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