In Clubland

Jam Master Jay was cuttin', groovin', and bustin' out the rhymes long before any of today's roughneck homeys who claim to be the original G. As Run DMC's man behind the decks, Jay was more rocker than gangsta, and was instrumental in helping his group be the first to turn white-bread America on to the beats of the urban streets. More than a decade after the trio released groundbreakers such as 1985's King of Rock and 1986's Raising Hell, Jay will stop at crobar (1445 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-531-8225) to help launch Phab, a new Thursday-night party. The evening is supposed to go beyond the usual hip-hop nights by reaching back to the musical catalogue that birthed both Run-DMC and hip-hop as we know it. DJs Ruckus and Top Kat join Jay to dig into the soul, R&B, funk, and old-school artists, including Fab Five Freddy and Grandmaster Flash. As for keeping it real pretty, the place should be spotted with faces from Model Life, a model referral company, which also is hosting a party there. An open bar from 10:00 p.m. to midnight tops it off. Cover charge is $15.

During February the Marlin (1200 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-604-5000) leans toward keeping it surreal, as Monday through Thursday various prognosticators hold the future of theme nights in their hands. Monday Roberto Jose will predict your fate through the stars or tarot cards. Lee Williams of the Square Egg hosts and spins for the Gospel Truth party with guest musicians. Tuesday is Latin night with Sir Randolph (palm reader) or Reverend Al (aura interpreter). Wednesday DJ Bernard Adel spins jazz while Reverend Linda (angel shaman) or Harold (numerologist) check out your karma. Finally, on Thursday, Mother Omian (channeler and tarot card reader) will tell you what the other side has to say as the Real party pumps out the house music. No cover for any of the nights. -- Larry Boytano

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Larry Boytano