In Clubland

The pied pipers of Ecstasy culture, England's John Digweed and Sasha, are spinning at Groove Jet (323 23rd St., Miami Beach) on Saturday. With house and trance dominating South Beach's club scene (especially on the weekend), why settle for less? Bring in the big guns and let 'em run all night. Spinning together since 1993, the duo's legions of fans have inhaled their Renaissance and Northern Exposure CD compilations in huge doses. Besides Sasha and Digweed, the late-night extravaganza includes DJ Luis Diaz's birthday party, at which Diaz will labor through his own special day. Also back in the booth will be Jimmy Van M., Austin Leeds, Carmel Ophir, and Carlos Menendez. Doors open at 10:00 p.m. Call 305-532-2002 for cover-charge information.

Blues fans are always looking for different players, people who can carry the torch and build on tradition. Sorry, but young white boys like Jonny Lang, who rip off old white boys like Stevie Ray Vaughan, are not the answer. Will New Orleans's Mem Shannon fill those shoes? Who knows? But we do know this: On his third disc, 1999's Spend Some Time with Me, Shannon continues on his journey showcasing an unusual writing style that incorporates heartfelt vocals with funk, jazz, and rock rhythms and a blue soul. Shannon makes the circuit around town, performing with "Spider" John Koerner and Dave "Snaker" Ray (see "Music," page 89) at Alligator Alley (2079 N University Dr., Sunrise; 954-568-0175) Friday night at 9:00; cover charge is $12. Shannon flies solo at the Rhythm Room Café (239 Sunny Isles Blvd., Sunny Isles Beach; 305-919-8080) on Saturday; call for cover charge and showtime.

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Larry Boytano