III Points Festival

III Points Will Start as Planned on Friday, but Without LCD Soundsystem

UPDATE: Oneohtrix Point Never, who was supposed to perform Friday at 10 p.m., announced via Twitter that he will be unable to make it to III Points as well. And due to issues with his visa, Lapalux announced on Twitter that he won't perform at III Points either. 

It's been a punishing week for III Points. An entire year's worth of work was almost nullified thanks to a last-minute hurricane. Luckily, Matthew turned out to be a dud, causing minimal damage to Miami-Dade County and, especially, III Points' home base of Wynwood. 

And the good news is, thanks to the tireless efforts of the III Points team, day one of the festival will go on as planned, starting promptly at 5 p.m.

But there's bad news too. One big casualty fell to Hurricane Matthew: LCD Soundsystem. The band, unfortunately, will not play the festival. In a statement, III Points had the following to say: 

The worst of Hurricane Matthew is behind Miami. Due to the severity of the storm, its massive impact on travel and logistics as well as our concern for the safety of band members, crew, and staff, LCD Soundsystem is not able to perform Friday evening at III Points. The band and III Points share the festivalgoers’ disappointment and offer sincerest apologies.

We are moving forward as we adapt to these changing conditions. The whole III Points team is working hard to ensure that the talent and site provide Miami with the unique festival experience it expects and deserves.

The festival is very happy to announce that the City of Miami has released all permits for us to open our doors tomorrow. The weather is looking great for the remainder of the weekend. The festival will be in full force and effect starting on Friday.

Thank you for continued support during this time, see you tomorrow for III Points 2016. 

It's a sad blow to a festival we've come to love over the past four years, and one that appears to have been out of its control. We'll update this post as more information becomes available. The good news is that III Points is still happening on schedule, so come out and show support. III Points needs it now more than ever. 
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