III Points Festival Announces Dates for 2015, Early-Bird "Prophet Passes" on Sale Today

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If III Points' 2013 debut was the beta test, think of last year's fest as the official all-systems-go launch.

"Year two, you saw the skeleton model of what is going to be III Points in the future," says organizer David Sinopoli. "I think 2015 is our opportunity to create the perfect production."

For those eagerly awaiting news of III Points 3.0, the moment has arrived. Mark your calendar for Friday through Sunday, October 9 to 11. The lineup reveals won't begin until May. But if you're a fest fanatic, you may be interested in the $77 early-bird Prophet Passes on sale today.

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The III Points crew finally feels it's got the festival concept entirely worked out. But that doesn't mean fans can expect a re-run of last year.

"We look at each year like its own installation. Where we go and how we do it, there will be a variation, always," Sinopoli says. "What III Points will be is what 2015 needs to be, what 2016 needs to be. We think about what's going on with the community, with music, with art, with tech, and with the people that we are building this festival around."

In 2014, the theme was all about surveillance and Orwellian dystopias. In 2015, there will be new motifs and they will be manifested through the festival's acts, art installations, topics of discussion, and so on.

"Everything in the world is changing very rapidly, to an alarming rate and to an inspiring rate, it scares you and encourages you," Sinopoli says. "For me, it's watching how rapidly this scene is growing. Artists are creating, different things are popping up that are incredible. Then there's some real scary things. We touched on gentrification last year. The commercialization, the opportunists, a lot of negative things are going on as well."

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Seeing as how III Points makes its home in Wynwood, the rising star of Miami's modern, commercialized urban development, the cultural climate around the festival has to play a part in the show itself.

"It's kind of a cultural research project for us too," Sinopoli says. "We're watching it, we're part of it, we're sometimes catalyzing it, and sometimes representing some of these things. You have to be very conscious of it."

III Points, the local festival that cares. No, seriously, they love you.

"It's a blessing to be able to do it and a blessing to be part of it. I think everyone that came last year was really fucking inspiring for us," the fest organizer says. "It's all really beautiful, and we're very appreciative and grateful. We feel that love, and it's what motivates and inspires us to do the perfect production this year, to really go further and make it that much better for our locals, for the people that invested in this festival and bought a ticket early."

Speaking of those Prophet Passes, the early-bird three-day general-admission tickets are on sale, and will be available for a limited time to "those ready to invest in the future."

III Points is also calling all artists, tech geeks, musicians, idea people, vendors, and anyone else who may have thoughts on getting involved in 2015's event to reach out now by emailing info@iiipoints.com or messaging via Facebook.

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III Points Festival 2015. Friday to Sunday, October 9 to 11. Wynwood. Visit iiipoints.com.

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