Identity Festival 2012's Five Most Exciting Artists

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Last year, the Identity Festival turned out to be a real tease. There was the threat of a hurricane. The party got canceled. And we here in Miami never even got the chance to get down.

But this summer, ID Fest is back and coming harder than ever. Ravers will finally fist-pump their way to glory on Saturday, August 4, and they'll do it backed by a sick lineup that offers tons of earth-shattering bass, funky basslines, and hardcore attitude.

Just check out Crossfade's five most exciting acts and start your anti-rain dances now.

5. Rye Rye

This feisty chica hails from Baltimore and she's been kicking out the jams on the hip, underground dance scene for years. She broke through in 2006 with "Shake It to the Ground," a collaboration with Blaqstarr, going on to work with artists like M.I.A., Diplo, and Crookers. With her colorful style and edgy presence, we can safely say her performance will bring the energy up to 11.

4. Le Castle Vania

This Atlanta-based DJ-producer is the man behind legendary monthly FUCK YESSS, a party famous for its not-giving-a-fuck swagger and high likelihood of partyers swinging from the rafters. His original productions span the gamut of rave, funk, dubstep, disco, and everything in between. Plus, he can remix just about anything into a fierce dance-floor masterpieice. Check out his versions of Smashing Pumpkin's "Zero," The Virgin's "Rich Girls," and La Roux's "In For the Kill."

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