Identity Festival 2012 Is Coming to Miami and We Hope It's Not During Hurricane Season

Miami is going to be underwater one day. When the first tidal wave flicks down skyscrapers like shoe flies, people will stand with their mouths drooping vacuously, their wide, empty-eyes staring at the devastation in disbelief, and say to themselves, "Why didn't we see this coming?"

Until The Big One, we're just going to kick back and freak out every time Channel 7 meteorologist Vivian Gonzalez tells us a storm's a'brewin.

You must be wondering, "What the fuck does this have to do with the electronic music bacchanalia that is Identity Fest?" Well, we're glad you asked.

We all know the sad story: After a whole lotta hype, the world's first traveling, outdoor, all-electronic festival -- spanning genres, eras, trends and experiments -- was run off its course to South Florida by all-bark-no-bite Hurricane Irene. And then the makeup date fell through too.

Well, Crossfade has just received our first official press release for ID Fest 2012. And it appears the festival's Facebook and Twitter have been dropping hints of a return for a few weeks now. Also, note the extra personal message to Miami that the festival will return to the Magic City in 2012, "barring no hurricanes."

Irene didn't do a whole lot of anything. Still, the festival was cancelled out of perpetual fear of The Big One. So if Miami wants to step up its game as a world-class city -- one capable of hosting a PG-13 rave hosted by energy drinks and boutique headphones -- it needs to come up with an answer to the Hurricane Question, stat.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.