Ice Cream Thursdays: Free Drinks, Free Ice Cream, and "Fun Music for Awesome People"

Free drinks, free ice cream, and hot beats. What's not to love about Sidebar's new ladies' night, Ice Cream Thursdays?

It's everything you've come to expect from the Chocolate Sundays and Peachfuzz Fridays crews. But now they're double-swirling their talents and topping it off with plenty of sprinkles.

"Wherever you go to in Miami, I feel like, is the same," says IAmYourVillain's Joel Meinholtz, one of the promoters behind the Thursday party. "What we've always tried to offer people is a unique experience that you'll walk away from like, 'Wow, that was cool.'"

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Ice Cream Thursdays is named after a tasty treat everyone loves. And its laid-back, feel-good vibe opens the door for one of the most delicious door-busters in the 305. Get to Sidebar early for a complimentary ice cream sandwich, Cubano style, from Hialeah's homegrown Tio Colo.

"We work at being very accommodating," says Pancho de Pablo, AKA resident DJ Manuvers. "If we see people, we come up to them and say, 'Hey, what's going on? How are you? Have some ice cream.' Really, it's about social interaction. That's the main thing, because I feel like most of the world is missing that."

The Ice Cream guys also offer up other fun attractions, like when they brought out vintage motorcycles for display or the time they rented a bounce house. Plus, it is Sidebar's official ladies night, so the fairer sex drinks free of charge till 1 a.m.

Still, all that's just the cherry on top. Both the IAmYourVillain and Sidebar families put good music above everything else.

"We want a night where we can play a lot of new stuff," de Pablo says. "Just mix it up, have the chance to introduce people to music, and hang out. Really have a good time, but also maybe learn something about music."

It could be dance or hip-hop or something indefinable. Regardless, rest assured that you'll be treated to some tasty beats, and in a hell of a lot more than 31 flavors.

"It's fun music," Meinholtz says, "for awesome people." No screaming necessary.

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Ice Cream Thursdays at Sidebar, 337 SW 8 St., Brickell. Ladies drink free until 1 a.m. Cover is free. Ages 21 and up. Call 786-7036973.

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