In addition to some delicious grub, Coyo is bringing some serious musical talent to Wynwood.
In addition to some delicious grub, Coyo is bringing some serious musical talent to Wynwood.
Courtesy of Coyo Taco

IAMNOBODI Takes Over Coyo Taco Tonight

Let’s hear it for the hippest taco joint in Miami right now. With a consistent string of shows and no signs of slowing, the not-so-secret bar in the back of Coyo Taco has quickly become a Wynwood hot spot. The intimate space and dim lighting make it one of the better places in the area to experience music, because sometimes all you need is a room, tequila, and some candles to get lost in the groove.

Tonight, IAMNOBODI is set to cook some beats over medium bass, reminding you to stop and soak in the summer heat. Originally from Berlin, IAMNOBODI rolls deep in the same company with Mr. Carmack, LAKIM, DPAT, Sango and TA-KU as part of the greater niche collective Soulection, a crew popular for cultivating the future wave of beat music. What began as a record label and a radio show based in L.A. has coalesced into a lifestyle brand that champions creativity, passion, and, of course, being terminally chill.

Despite what could easily be misconstrued for low self-esteem, the moniker IAMNOBODI is actually intended to invite people to reconsider celebrity worship. They’re just humans, after all.

Nurtured by his father’s love for northern soul and Afrobeat, IAMNOBODI’s productions are slick and soulful. Released in 2013, the album Elevated marked his arrival on the scene, masterfully blending his influences with layers of instrumentation, all punctuated by his signature bouncy percussion. In his follow-up, Snapshots From Berlin, IAMNOBODI professes his love for the city that has inspired him, this time by focusing more on lingering emotions tinged with disjunct rhythmic patterns of faded songs and samples.

His singles "When You Know It" and last month's "Turbulence" are the result of the perfect pairing of sultry vocals and R&B. Besides his original compositions, IAMNOBODI is known for flipping records and turning them into bass-laden remixes, most notably with D’Angelo's "Brown Sugar" and "For Real" by Amel Larrieux.

IAMNOBODI will embark on a six-date North American tour, with his inaugural show happening tonight at Coyo Taco. It will be his first time playing in Miami and his only appearance in all of the East Coast. 

So after you grab your burrito, stick around for a little while. Because you're going to want to see what Coyo has in store for dessert. 

IAMNOBODI with Louie Arson at Coyo Taco (Back Room), 2300 NW Second Ave., Miami. Call 305-573-8228. Admission is free. Ages 21 and up.

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