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Humble Surfer Blood/Weird Wives Members Point Fans to Other Local Acts

The past few months have produced something akin to Surfer Blood fatigue -- and Crossfade's up-to-the-minute coverage isn't exactly changing that -- at least among locals. But it's really not the group's fault. For a band that's barely old enough to drink, they've seemingly done everything right: They've promoted themselves through exhaustive scheduling, made a good, catchy pop record in Astro Coast, remained fairly humble and mature in interviews, -- at least that I've read -- and just generally seemed to avoid making asses of themselves.

Well, now the boys are making good on another front: by giving

shout-outs to some stellar South Florida bands on their Twitter feed.

One, Miami band Beings,

which Surfer Blood described on Twitter as "awesome,"

marries Sonic Youth and Built to Spill for what a friend describes as an

indie rock Torche. Beings boast members from metal outfit Floor and

will be releasing an album later this year on Amnesian Records, a label

run by Torche drummer Rick Smith.

The shout-outs don't end there, however. Weird Wives, a Surfer Blood

side project, gushes over a bunch of local groups at its blog,

including more love for Beings, as well as local acts the Dewars ("The Dewars are a lot like The Addams Family"), Cop City/Chill Pillars, the Love Handles, and Mattio Furniture and the Gaybirds.

Why is this news?

Because as of this moment, whether we like it or not, to outsiders, our

scene starts and ends with the indie popsters from West Palm. And

enthusiasts -- er, those who pay way too close attention to bands

that create even the tiniest ripple in the indie rock pond -- listen. So

here's to Surfer Blood and Weird Wives for sharing the spotlight.

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Erica K. Landau

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