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Hula Hula Your Way to Great Surfer Music at Bar Tonight

If catching waves--or listening to chill music you'd probably hear in 60's surfer movies--is your thing, has Bar got the thing for you tonight.

They're suggesting you "Hula Hula" on down with all your best dudes and chicks for a night filled with hanging ten at the one night only, Hawaiian-Luau themed locale, and with an event sponsor named Surf-Space Inc, we're wondering if actual surfers will be there angling their way into the hearts of new competition sponsors.

The night will be filled with surfer songs and 60's inspired music, with a healthy mix of Miami Bass thrown in for good measure. Local musicians DS and Peasant with Feathers will be on hand, too, to make sure only the gnarliest tunes make it past the raddest waves, along with Stravinsky, John Vale, and a special guest.

So come dressed in your best grass skirt and paddle on over for some good times. No longboards necessary.

Hula Hula at Bar, with DS, Peasant with Feathers, Stravinsky, John Vale, and more. 28 NE 14 St. Friday, May 14. Starts at 10 p.m. No cover.

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Christine Borges

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