House Nightclub Loses Its Permit, Appeals Decision

Will the city and permitting drama at House Nightclub ever end?

House has been facing an uphill battle almost since the project was announced in 2011. The futuristic megaclub opened last May.

The latest hurdle is a letter from the City of Miami. It tells the owners that the certificate of use has been revoked. "Chapter 4 of the city code requires your establishment, which is an alcohol beverage service establishment with a 4COP quota license, to be more than 1,000 feet from a public school."

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The city says House's proximity to Phyllis Wheatley Elementary School is the problem.

"Once again, the City of Miami has continued its blatant discrimination and harassment of HOUSE," said the nightclub in its Facebook response. "This time they actually revoked our CU (Certificate of Use) with no notice whatsoever."

House claims that before construction began, it checked the distance between the venue and the school in order to be granted approval. Four years later, it seems that the city has changed its mind. "Millions of dollars were invested based on good faith and trust in the city approvals."

The city also says House has not provided the Planning, Zoning, and Appeals Board with proper documentation of its parking lease agreements, which is one of the conditions required for the permit.

Last year, the city considered closing the nightclub after a flood of mysterious complaints. Owner Mark Lowe claimed that "downtown rivals" were behind the sabotage, calling it a "witch-hunt."

The only silver lining right now for House is that City Manager Danny Alfonso has agreed not to enforce the revocation of the certificate of use order until the appeal has been decided by the Planning, Zoning, and Appeals Board.

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