Holy Ghost! Wants to Haunt Your Crash Pad

Amid the deep woofs of Miami bass and the resonating pitch of piercing house, one New York duo plans to make sweet love to the sound systems at Ultra Music Festival's Live Stage.

Meet Holy Ghost!, the pair responsible for your favorite slow-dance disco track, "Hold On." And this Friday, Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser will use their Ultra platform as a listening party to showcase their first self-titled LP, due out in just a few short weeks.

Although a late-night with Holy Ghost! would be the perfect cleanse after a dirty day at ULTRA, the boys are jetting out right after their set. According to Frankel, the dudes (plus entourage) just couldn't find a crash pad for the weekend. But Frankel and Millhiser have been buds since adolescence and apparently have no qualms about spooning. That is, if you've got an open corner in your Biscayne Bay condo this weekend.

Crossfade: So you guys have been making music together since you were seven years old. What took so long to come out with a full-length LP?

Alex Frankel: Yeah, it took a hot minute. Most bands record an album, release a single from said album, release album, then tour behind it. We basically did that in reverse order and started with "Hold On." Hopefully, it was worth the wait. We promise to be quicker next time.

Your self-titled debut is due out April 12. We're already familiar with a few of the tracks. Can we expect an extended preview at Ultra?

Yeah. For sure, we'll be playing almost the whole album.

Ultra used to be a house-heavy party back in the day. In recent years, it has become more diverse, infusing a wider range of electro into its bill. Why is it important for Holy Ghost!'s disco synth-pop dance party to be a part of UMF 13?

I'm pretty sure no one would come if we didn't play. No other big names on the bill ... I kid. I don't know how important it is that we're there. But we're honored to be a part of it and psyched to share the bill with so many important acts. We've always liked coming to Miami.

Although you're Ultra virgins, you've played Miami as recently as October 2010. What was the response?

Is that like a super virgin? Can a virgin be more virgin? We DJed in October. It was a blast. But this is our first time playing live, so we'll see!

What are you looking forward to most this time around?

The sun. It's still winter up here in Brooklyn.

Will you guys be hanging around at Ultra after your set on Friday's Live Stage to take in the rest of the madness?

I wish. We have to bolt right away. Unless someone wants to put us up? Six men, will share beds.

It's a bummer you're not on any late-night bills. The Holy Ghost! seduction soundtrack has serious baby-making potential. Are you guys attending any other late nights while you're in Miami?

Again -- six men, willing to share beds, with each other or whomever.  A few heavy snorers, though. Be warned.

We'd love another Holy Ghost! night here in the Magic City. Would it be too much to ask for you guys to come back down once your summer fest schedule lets up again?

It never hurts to ask.

Everyone seems to be mourning the retirement of LCD Soundsystem these days. Being an integral part of the DFA family, how are you taking the news?

We're in mourning. Luckily we've got a support group going three nights a week at a church in Williamsburg. It's sold out, though.

Any plans to remix any LCD tribute tracks? (Miami would go wild!)

We remixed "Drunk Girls" last year. I think we'll take a cue from LCD and quit while we're ahead.

Holy Ghost! as part of the Ultra Music Festival with a performance on Friday, March 25. Bicentennial Park, 1075 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Gates open at 4 p.m. on Friday. Tickets are sold out. Visit ultramusicfestival.com.

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