Hold On to Holy Ghost! at LIV Wednesday

It wasn't too long ago that Brooklyn duo Holy Ghost! was here. Much like their DFA lablemates Hercules & Love Affair and The Juan MacLean, they submerged themselves in the whole new disco revival happening right now. While, surely there will be a slew of disco-house artists to come and bastardize the genre (much like the current crop of electro-house artists butchering the once-respected style) Holy Ghost! are definitely part of the first wave who are doing it right.

The duo already scored dancefloor gold last year with their track "Hold On" as well with numerous remixes done for MGMT, Cut Copy and Moby. So don't scoff at our suggestion when we tell you to check out the duo Wednesday night at LIV for its Dirty Hairy party, because after this whole disco revival craze hits the proverbial fan, you'll thank us.

Holy Ghost! at LIV. Wednesday, April 15, door open at 10 p.m. Free with RSVP to info@epoplife.com, 21+.

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