High on Fire's Des Kensel Talks New Album: "We Always Want to Keep It Raw"

When one contemplates about all that's great in heavy metal, High on Fire should be one of the first bands that comes to mind.

The group initially emerged from the ashes of post-Sabbath stoner metal luminaries Sleep. But faster, louder, and meaner than its forebear, High on Fire's always managed to keep one foot in metal's past while making its own distinct statements. This month, the band is pummeling its way through Florida for the first time in ages before embarking on Motörhead's Motörboat cruise.

So we here at Crossfade caught up with drummer and songwriter Des Kensel to chat about the new High on Fire album, what Lemmy may (or may not) wear on a cruise ship, and staying creative and classic when you're six full-lengths deep.

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Crossfade: So the band is going to be doing a short run of Florida dates and then hitting Motörhead's Motörboat cruise?

Des Kensel: Yep! We have a couple of shows on the way down to the boat, so we're looking forward to that! It's been a while since we've been to Florida.

It sounds like a vacation tour! A few dates and then playing a cruise ship.

Yeah! Totally! I wish they could all be like that!

What are your hopes and dreams for being trapped on a cruise ship with none other than Lemmy himself?

Well, knowing how his health is these days and that he's a little older, I'd have to say it would be great to get stuck at like a blackjack table with him and a bottle of Jack, but I don't know if that's going to be happening anymore. But to be on a cruise with Motörhead playing and our friends in Down playing, it's just going to be a blast! So we shall find out!

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