Help IAmYourVillain's Joel Meinholz Pay Steep Medical Bills

You might know Joel Meinholz as a skateboarder, the guy behind Miami's longest-running party Chocolate Sundays, the mastermind of IamYourVillain, putting together park jams like Bum Rush the Spot, or perhaps just a friend that you see around town. The list goes on.

About a month ago, Joel suffered a serious staph infection after injuring his hand. Multiple surgeries kept him in the hospital for two weeks. He's recovering. But without insurance, he's now facing steep medical bills.

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Last week, a fund was started by Meinholz's skate pal Ryan DeWitt to help raise money, with a goal of $10,000. As of this morning, the total had reached $4,100.

Now, you may not personally know Joel, but if you've lived in Miami long enough, you've been affected by what he does in the community.

As close friend Pancho de Pablo, AKA DJ Manuvers, says: "Joel's been involved in the scene in Miami, the nightlife and skateboarding scene, and been very instrumental in it. I think it's a good time for everybody to get together and help out somebody in need, as far as his hospital bills. They can go up pretty crazy without insurance.

"Joel has helped a lot of people in different walks of life from skating to music. I think it's important for people to realize a lot of the good things he's done. Everyone that's encountered Joel realizes he does a lot of cool shit, from Chocolate Sundays to the Broken Shaker and the Mondrian Brunch. He looks out for a lot people and I think it's time for everybody to look out too."

The fund was started by Ryan as a gesture to get friends, acquaintances, and fans to donate, not only locally, but across the country. Now, inspired by the situation, Joel is looking to make his company, IAmYourVillain, into a nonprofit and start a fund for skaters who don't have insurance.

-- Bernard Hacker

To donate, please visit the Joel Meinholz Fund on GoFundMe.com.

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