Heathrow Lounge Departs For Good

Remember Heathrow Lounge? No? Don't worry, it was only a minor blip in South Beach's nightlife scene. At one point it seemed like it could be the beach's answer to a downtown rock club, then all of a sudden it got all these really undeserving high praises mostly due to it having hired smart people like Jochy Ortiz and Samuel Baum who knew how to work the publicity machine. But once Ortiz and Baum jumped ship, the venue quickly went into nosedive and it wasn't so hot anymore.

Its last year of existence it mainly served as a college night hangout -- in other words, it turned into the very thing is was trying not to be: another cheesy nightclub on Washington Avenue located between 5th and 8th Streets.

So let's bid farewell to Heathrow Lounge, we hardly knew ye, but you won't necessarily be missed.

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