Head Spins: DJ Miner

Some people stumble into the DJ booth, others connive their way in, and a few even get there through bloodline. But there aren't many head spinners who can lay claim to all three. Think about it: accident, hustle, and pedigree? That's gotta be some fucking hat trick. Which makes DJ Miner's claim to the tables one hell of a tale.

About a decade ago, the Chile-born, Miami-bred Miner was at a pal's house listening to his friends take turns on the Technics. When his buddies stepped out for a smoke, Miner asked if he could take a crack, and by the time they came back into the room, the man was hooked. One week later, Miner was fully equipped; a month after that, he had his first gig, at South Beach's Zanzibar.

The rest, as they say, is legacy. Miner's hustler instincts kicked in immediately: Zanzibar begat Cream, Cream begat Amnesia, Amnesia begat Liquid, Liquid begat Mynt, which begat Mansion, which begat Spirits, until at last the cat reached a residency he could call his own — at Bella Rose.


DJ Miner

DJ Miner: Fridays and Saturdays at Bella Rose. Fridays at 5 p.m. on Mun2 TV. www.myspace.com/djminerpepsimusica

But club stuff is only half of Miner's hustle. Spurred on by his sister Paula P, then an on-air personality at 99 Jamz, he picked up some radio work, eventually parlaying a spot on that station into another on Power 96. Then the man flipped to the boob tube (Mun2's The Roof and BET's Rap City: The Basement), until PepsiMusica came calling and gave him Fridays on Mun2. That's where he reigns now, as the 5 p.m. go-to guy.

And though the DJ kingpin prides himself on his affinity for hip-hop, especially when it comes to Busta Rhymes (who "can do no wrong") and Kanye West ("the hottest right now"), he's not averse to throwing into his mixes some reggae and R&B. "There are all kinds of good music," Miner says. "That's why I stick to open format. Besides, nowadays you've gotta be able to play everything, or there are no paychecks."

As if this formidable member of the Bum Squad would ever have difficulty getting dizzy with whatever it takes to make a dance-floor shake, let alone in bringing home the ducats. After all, not only was his sister once radio royalty, but also his grandfather, who for decades presided over the airwaves of his native Santiago. Now that Miner is doing likewise with Mun2, for an international audience of millions, the regal tradition continues. Let's just hope DJ Miner doesn't forget those weekends at Bella Rose, for that would just wreck our world.

DJ Miner's current top five:

1. "Love Lockdown," Kanye West

2. "Ms. Independent," Ne-Yo

3. "Swagger Like Us," T.I. feat. Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and M.I.A.

4. "By My Side," Jadakiss feat. Ne-Yo

5. "E," DJ Revolution feat. Joell Ortiz

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