Head Spins: DJ Lennox

With DJs the world over claiming to be "open format," it's refreshing to stumble upon a spinner who actually claims a specific genre. In DJ Lennox's case, it's hip-hop, he says: "That's my foundation."

Still, Lennox is no fool about the vagaries of the marketplace, and he's not about to lose a gig because some wannabe club king has something vague in his skull. "With all this talk about open format," says Lennox. "I don't want to be labeled. I can play anything." And Lennox is right; he can kick it in any school. But when you hear the cat dropping the top in hip-hop, of both then and now, you kind of hope he never lets go of that game.

Born in Brooklyn, the birth borough of such heavyweights as GZA, 

Jay-Z, and Biggie (who Lennox still spins to infinity), the head

spinner hit South Florida 15 years ago. The first stop was Lauderdale,

where he spent a decade in residence at Voodoo Lounge, and then there

was Palm Beach County, where he's held court in any joint with two

turntables and a crowd.

Along the way there have been spins in Paris and Vegas, L.A. and New York, as well as the ATL, in addition to a full-blown North American tour with Mims. Now, this skills-soaked head spinner resides at Legacy, in West Palm Beach, on Thursdays, and at 90° in Miami on Saturdays. And he's also a full-time mixer on X 102.3 (WMBX), a CBS affiliate out of West Palm. Still, he also often finds time to hit Lauderdale's Living Room, just so the folks in Broward County don't feel left out.

Citing legendary DJs Tony Touch, Spinbad, Doo-Wop, and the Green Lantern among his many influences, and steeped in the tradition of the streets, DJ Lennox might have an open mind, but his heart belongs strictly to hip-hop. Hit it.

DJ Lennox's Current Top Five:
1. "Day N Night," Kid Cudi
2. "I'm the Shit," DJ Class feat. Lil Jon
3. "No Games," Serani
4. "Jumpin' Out the Window," Ron Browz
5. "Diva," Beyonce

DJ Lennox. Thursdays at Legacy, West Palm Beach. Saturdays at 90°, Miami.

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John Hood