Head Spins: DJ Hottpants

Nope. He didn't nick his name from James Brown's classic "Hot Pants (She Got to Use What She Got to Get What She Wants)." He didn't nab it from former Famous Flame Bobby Byrd's "Hot Pants — I'm Coming, I'm Coming, I'm Coming" either. And he most certainly wasn't thinking of the "Hot Pants" sung by rockabilly boy wonder Gene Summers and the Platinum Fog, which predates both of the others.

Nah, DJ Hottpants came about his moniker the old-fashioned way: He wore it (them?). And he wore it "so hot it needed an extra t." Now that's hott!

And so is DJ Hottpants, in his kitschy-cool, I'm-skipping-PE kinda way. Thing is, back when DJ Hottpants was ditching phys ed, it wasn't because he was afraid of the bullies beating him up. It was so he could go skating at Gold Coast Roller Rink, where the flashing lights and surround sound perfectly fit his, well, ass-hugging attire.


DJ Hottpants

DJ Hottpants: www.djhottpants.com

Okay, so the Gold Coast rink-a-rama actually came later, when DJ Hottpants and Sweat Records owner Lolo did their Roll Out party. But that skipping gym part is all true, which is very much the reason why he eventually held the floor at now-defunct i/o, those many moons ago, for a party called PE.

Hottpants was born Daniel Blair right here in the Magic City, and schooled first at our town's prestigious DASH and then up in O-Town's Rollins College (where he studied singing and composition). Thus, he is one of the smartest party boys ever to hit the decks. He is also one of the most ferociously fun, in both manner and style. Picture what would happen if Revenge of the Nerds got a makeover from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and the only thing left on the rack to wear were a pair of Christy Love's hot pink short-shorts, and you'll get an idea. Then add bubbles.

Okay, so maybe the short-shorts are more Chrissy Snow as worn by Jack Tripper, but it's a bet that any star of Seventies screen, small or silver, would dig what he does. So too would "the tinies," which is what Blair affectionately calls his all-time favorite diminutive entertainers. Yep, it seems DJ Hottpants likes his starlets to be as short as his shorts, specifically if they're Sheena Easton, Kylie Minogue, and Pia Zadora.

But it was Janet Jackson to whom he lost his concertgoing cherry, and it is to she who he will always be most partial, even if he's gotta spin "P.Y.T." to prove it. And though the briefly clad boy wonder is also partial to James Brown's opus to short-shorts, "it's usually 'Too Much Booty in the Pants' by 2 Live Crew [that's] more applicable" to any of his many occasions.

If you missed The Vagabond's sixth annual Eighties Prom, any number of MoCA parties, or, say, the recent Voices United fundraiser at the Gibson Guitar showroom, fret not. Before you know it, DJ Hottpants will be making you dance somewhere, be it in the club, at the gallery, or by starlight. Till then, try to catch his guest set on WVUM's Electric Kingdom, or swing through the South Beach Adidas store on some weekend or another. But whatever you do, don't try wearing those pants of his in public, because only one man can handle that kinda hottness — a man named DJ Hottpants.

DJ Hottpants' current top five:

1. "Beat Control," Tilly and the Wall

2. "Ce Jeu," Yelle

3. "Nighttiming," Coconut Records

4. "Sandcastle Disco," Solange

5. "The Power of Love," Huey Lewis & the News

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