Guttermouth Playing Respectable Street August 16

The punk rock invasion of South Florida keeps on coming with Guttermouth, Does it Matter, and The Ruins announcing a show at Respectable Street on August 16. Respectable just announced that the Queers are coming in September, and are also hosting Fear, Agent Orange, D.I., and Total Chaos in August. Respectable Street is really doing their part in bringing the huge punk acts to South Florida. Guttermouth has been together since the late 80s, spitting some of the most outlandish and hilarious lyrics and stage antics you'll ever be witness to, like this timeless rant on hippes from the song 7 T's:

nothing i hate more dirty hairy chics
the only things that like them are gnats, fleas and ticks
always out to lunch always so confused
i wonder if they'va ever own a fucking pair of shoes
frisbee playing hitchikers are lame...
god dawn hippies... smell!!!

stupid lazy can't hold a job

i'd love to disinfect you, shower you with bleach
rock collecting moron, nothing but a leach
make you clip you toenails, make you cut your hair
rid the world of hippies, purifies our air

Hit the jump for more poetry via Guttermouth or just click here to buy your tickets.

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