Gunplay Surrenders to Miami Police on Armed Robbery Charge, Appearing in Court Tomorrow

Even though there's been an open, outstanding arrest warrant on his ass for the last six months, Maybach Music Group member Gunplay ain't sweating the small shit. You know, like an armed robbery charge.

In fact, seven hours ago, the swastika-tatted rapper, aspiring escort service entrepreneur, and self-described "Human L.A. Riot" was busy finetuning a Facebook album entitled "Maybach Mafia B*tches."

This afternoon, though, Mr. Play finally scheduled a meet with Miami police and "surrendered without incident," according to his attorney Michael Grieco.

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Last week, Gunplay (government name Richard Morales Jr.) got into a brawl with 50 Cent and G-Unit at the BET Awards after an alleged chain-snatching. In his testimony to TMZ Live, the MMG goon claims to have kicked "one of they fat asses" before finally getting subdued by the Mace-wielding cops.

As Grieco tells Crossfade: "One thing [the run-in with G-Unit] really has nothing to do with the other [Gunplay turning himself over to Miami police]."

"But what I can tell you about the surrender is this: He was scheduled to perform this weekend in Atlanta [for the Smoking Section's showcase at A3C Festival], I believe. And after the incident at the BET Awards, word got out on the Internet that he had an open warrant.

"During the incident at the BET Awards, he was placed in handcuffs at some point, except Atlanta police never ran him in the system. Otherwise, they would've known he had a warrant. They had a little bit of egg on their face.

"So if he went on stage this weekend, he was going to be arrested anyway. It was just time to surrender and deal with the case, which I think is very defensible."

In less than 24 hours, Gunplay will appear before Judge William Thomas of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Florida's criminal court division.

"Nothing of substance is going to happen in court tomorrow," Grieco says. "All the judge is going to do is set a case for trial and potentially give us a date for a bond hearing."

Still, some advice for Mr. Morales: Cover up that Nazi tat. And do not under any circumstances mention any-damn-thing about "gunning" motherfuckers down.

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