Gunplay on His Beef With 50 Cent: "If You F@#! With Me... You Might Get Gunned Down"

Many men wish death upon 50 Cent, but only one guy had the cojones to call a mainstream celebrity gossip website and ridicule the "twerp."

Rick Ross protégé and Maybach Music foot soldier Gunplay (AKA The Human L.A. Riot) called into TMZ Live to discuss his ongoing beef with G-Unit, as well as his now-infamous scuffle with Fiddy that took place in Atlanta over the weekend at the BET Hip-Hip Awards.

Why TMZ? Because Yo! MTV Raps is for pussies. Oh, and it's been off the air since the mid '90s and the last threat issued on the program resulted in a 15-day jail sentence.

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According to Gunplay, five dudes from Fiddy's entourage started shit backstage. He managed to kick "one of they fat asses" before police sprayed him with mace. But The Human L.A. Riot failed to get his hands on 50 Cent.

"He was hiding behind all his security," Gunplay tells TMZ. "I couldn't get to him to break his fucking neck."

He adds that the attack was unrelated to Ross's scuffle with Young Jeezy, which also happened backstage at the awards. After all, it's hip-hop. Rap feuds are just a part of the game, and Gunplay's well aware of the constant threat at award shows.

"You got a bunch of motherfuckers in the place with a lot of money and a lot of egos," he says. "Something's bound to happen."

But don't expect things to end nicely. Gunplay says, "If you fuck with me, you play with me... you might get gunned down."

Let's hope that doesn't happen.

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