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Gunplay Celebrates Living Legend Release With "White Bitch" Video Premiere

Carol City’s Gunplay released his debut studio album, Living Legend, today alongside a fantastical video for the track “White Bitch.” In the video, we see Gunplay team up with the last standing Cocaine Cowboy, Mickey Munday, to move weight from the jungles of Colombia to somewhere in South Florida.

In the video intro, Gunplay dials the reformed drug trafficker, Mickey Munday, who — god bless him — is acting his little heart out as he lounges in a bungalow to keep out of the rain. No newbie to surveillance risks, Munday clarifies that they’re both on secure lines. They are. As they chat, the veteran maintains the patience of a pre-k teacher despite Gunplay confusing product nicknames and watercrafts before finalizing a plan. If this was a real life high-stakes drug deal, Gunplay needs to get his shit together or we're all going to end up in jail. “You’ll love this white bitch,” Munday says as he ends the call.

The misunderstandings, unbecoming slang and fictional partnership between Munday and Gunplay isn’t all that unusual. Their names read like criminal sidekicks. Both men also boast decades of experience drug dealing to various degrees and have shared a common enemy in the law. They even look and act like alter egos.

Gunplay claims to have been selling blow since 16. That gives him at least twenty years' experience moving weight, assuming word is bond and all that rap. Meanwhile, Munday helped transport more than $2 billion worth of cocaine from Colombia’s Medellin Cartel to the United states between 1975 and 1985. In other words, he's a good mentor to have if you're selling coke.
And both these guys have had their troubles with the law. When we spoke to Gunplay in May, he pegged the legal system as his greatest foe. He’s been more or less out of trouble since 2012, but past actions haunt his record. Munday, likewise, had his own run-in with law enforcement, which resulted in nine years of prison time and the forfeiture of a ton of assets.

But the partnership is best realized with Gunplay and Munday as alter egos. Gunplay’s heavy locks, grit, and tattoos counter the cowboy's long blonde hair and basic cleanliness. Munday's calm calculation balances the rappers eccentric persona. 

The video does reach an odd conclusion, though, as Gunplay appears to surrender to DEA agents rather than, say, grabbing a cartoonish machine gun and going out in a blaze of glory. For a video that features a woman wrapped in cocaine packaging, it has an oddly rational ending. 

But, it's nothing if not entertaining. And today marks the start of what will hopefully be a long and interesting career for Carol City's own.

Buy Gunplay’s debut studio album Living Legend on iTunes.
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