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Gregg Allman at Hard Rock Live January 18

Gregg Allman at Hard Rock Live January 18
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Drug addiction? Check. Liver transplant? Oh, yeah. Hepatitis C? Big deal.

At 64 years old, Gregg Allman has been through a lot of shit. But for the Nashville-born, Georgia-based Southern rocker, slowing down is not an option. Last January, Allman released his first solo album in 14 years, Low Country Blues, and hit the road on a good old-fashioned promotional tour. This Wednesday, the legendary musician will sing them blues at the Hard Rock Live. But before y'all run to Hollywood, make sure you pack the following three items in your Gregg Allman gift basket.

1. Clean needles: Gregory Lenoir Allman has been sober since the mid '90s. He shook that nasty heroin habit years ago. His big vice now? Tattoos. Unfortunately, too many ink pieces can lead to Hep C. Don't share needles, y'all.

2. Seeds: Did you know Allman is an avid gardener? That's right — he's a sucker for "anything with color."

3. Minoxidil: Also known by the brand name Rogaine, minoxidil stimulates hair growth. Unfortunately, liver transplant patients often experience hair loss. It'd be a damn shame if Allman's luscious locks fell out.

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