Greasy Drums, and Five Other Essentials for the Participatory Grease Worship

​What's your reaction to entering a fog-filled room where drums are being pounded to the cult classic Grease? Just yell out: "I've got chills! They're multiplying!" And then, of course, you gotta lose all self-control.

Expect to have this response on Friday night at the Participatory Grease Worship. The idea was born of New Times' Best Percussionist Beatriz Monteavaro's love for the 1978 film, not to mention her instrument of choice.

Since this is a participatory experience, we thought we'd ask the great mind behind the drums what the hell to bring to this unique occasion. Tight black pants, a big curly blonde wig, a muscle car? She gave us a few good suggestions that are sure to make the night a greased lightning success!

A Drum

According to Monteavaro, you should bring any kind of drum. She'll have some there. But she probably won't have enough for everyone. Feel no percussive pressure, though. Not everyone has to beat an instrument. But you can freaking bet that John Travolta would bring his own drum or maracas. So you should too.


"It's two hours, so you can bum a beer or two off of someone," Monteavaro says. But don't overdo it. Or else, "They're going to get pissed at you." Bringing your own booze is also the best way to get some summer lovin'.


Tart up like Sandra Dee singing "You're the One That I Want." Or as Monteavaro suggests, get dark in "heavy metal satanic corpse makeup." She says, "That'd be cool, too."

Rizzo is Monteavaro's favorite character. They even share a name. ("Betty" is Monteavaro's nickname. And apparently, "Rizzo tells Kenickie her real name at the makeout spot.") But don't expect to see this drummer in '50s girl gear. If she's dressing up in anything, it'll be zombie makeup. You, however, will look better in a pomp.

Best Singing Voice

Two mics and a PA will be available for karaoke lovers. "You should be able to hear the Grease music too. But after all is said and done, I don't know what you'll be able to hear," Monteavaro admits. Guess ear plugs aren't a bad idea either.

Mister Microphone or Karaoke Machine

A Mister Microphone would be fun. If you bring your own karaoke machine, Monteavaro says, "You could be like renegade karaoke."


We asked the obvious. And Betty agrees, "That might work with the drums." Grease is the word, people, grease is the word.

Participatory Grease Worship with Beatriz Monteavaro. Friday, July 29. the end/SPRING BREAK, 155 NE 38th St., Miami. The greasy drumming gets going at 9 p.m. Visit end-springbreak.com.

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