GQ Speaks out About DMX Video

A couple of weeks ago, we posted video here at CrossFade of South Florida's mixtape king, DJ GQ chilling in the studio with his friend DMX. The video ended up all over YouTube, and every other viral video website and essentially played on the fact that DMX looked like he was high enough to eat a comet. It's something that GQ refutes (claiming it was Henny, not drugs that had DMX acting so off the wall) and wants to clear things up once and for all.

Since the video appeared here before all of the hullabaloo started, we feel compelled to offer GQ's side of the story. We'd show you the video again but it's already been taken down.

-- Jonathan Cunningham


“It has come to my attention that a video of myself and DMX recording in a studio has fueled rumors that he is taking drugs and that he collapsed at the Sony studios.

It was my people that posted the DMX video on YouTube. Let me set the record straight for all the gossip hounds out there. This video was shot down here in South Florida months ago. DMX had come straight from the airport to the studio, after flying in from Arizona! We downed a bottle and a half of Hennessy before he got on the mic. Is DMX hyper? Yes. Is DMX wild? Yes. Was DMX under the influence of anything else at the time of this recording or at any other time in my presence? Absolutely not!

The fact of the matter is that DMX is an energetic and passionate artist. He is a hip-hop legend and my friend. It was an honor recording “Bad Boys” with him and I will stand by DMX no matter what story anyone invents.

Long live the Dog!!!” -DJ GQ (QMusic Group)

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