Glocky Davis on Being a PLAYER: "Keep a Bad Bitch to Pick Up Some Food"

Being a player takes determination, focus, a mean poker face, flawless planning, and a beard that rivals Grizzly Adams'. Fortunately, for Emanuel Alvarez, the latter is in full effect before and after No-Shave November.

Better known to many as Glocky Davis, the 25-year-old rapper's mellow persona can be partly attributed to his affection for Mary Jane, as professed on tracks such as "1000 Blunts" and his latest release, PLAYER.

Glocky recently took out some time to kick some knowledge to Crossfade on the rules of being a player, working with producer ODD Won, and what a day in the life of Glocky Davis is like.

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Crossfade: Top three rules of being a player?

Glocky Davis: Don't be a simp. I keep a bad bitch with me to pick me up some food. As far as me, Goddamn, I really don't know, man. I'm really kind of quiet and shit. Man, to be honest, I don't know. It sounds personal, I guess, the way I move and shit with the ladies.

What's the most un-player thing you've ever done?

A bitch hooked up with me, and I wrote her a letter or some shit.

You wrote her a love letter?

Yep, on some of that middle-school shit.

What was it about ODD Won's production for you to do all of PLAYER with him?

That nigga always been sending me beats and shit, and I almost jumped on a couple. But I really had no idea that was going to do it with him and shit. After about like six of them I was like, "Yo, fuck it nigga. Let's just do an EP." Because I was really working on the album, so the album ain't going to sound like nothing on PLAYER.

What's the best lesson you learned while making PLAYER?

I got to get on my shit. I don't know, man. My ol' girl really be on my case and shit. She thinks I'm wasting my time. That track "OG With My OG," I guess I just need to be on my shit.

What's gotten in your way?

I'm really out here on the grind, you feel me? No 9-to-5. No getting money. Probably the money.

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Where did you get the name Southern Giant?

In a graph crew my boy Jesus started. It started off as Space Gang and then we just flipped the SG shit. And then when I really started rapping I just took the Southern Giant and ran with it. I really feel like it's a Miami shit.

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What's a day in the life of Glocky Davis like?

Probably wake up, I try not to wake up late and shit, but most of the time I wake up late, start the day off with some beats, regardless if I write to them or not. I like waking up early because I feel like that's when I'm the most creative. Bust missions with the homies, man. We always bust missions. We party hard when we get the chance, when I'm here in Broward with my boy Nuez. I end most of my nights with wine. Got this spot called the "secret spot." And we just sip wine and smoke trees.

What is the effect lean has on your writing and recording process?

I feel like every fuckin' drug puts you in a different mindset. It gets your thinking in a different way. Lean is kinda, it puts you in a dreamy state. I feel like ideas come quicker to me.

Phil Sebastien is the only artist who's on more than one track on PLAYER . Why is that?

Phil, that's just home team. We've been cool for a minute now. And that's just home team. That's always somebody that's going to be featured on a track, always. And, to me, I feel like he's the best rapper. He's my favorite rapper. He's the best rapper.

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