Glen Matlock's Acoustic Anarchy Tour at the Vagabond November 2

Glen Matlock may be a Rich Kid, but he certainly isn't some "middle-class mommy's boy." Last year, the former bassist and cofounding member of legendary punk band the Sex Pistols took a cheap shot to the nuts when ex-bandmate Steve Jones trashed him. In an interview with Hustler, Jones accused Matlock of being a slave to his mother, alleging that if she didn't approve of the group's lyrics, little Glen would have to answer to Mum. Moreover, Jones suggested that Matlock's role in the Pistols' songwriting process was far less involved than previously stated. "If he was such a great songwriter, where are the songs after the Sex Pistols?" Jones says, "but as far as the chemistry goes? I liked Sid [Vicious]." OK, Steve, Vicious replaced Matlock in the Sex Pistols and became a punk icon, but he also allegedly killed his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, and then died of a drug overdose. Meanwhile, a little more than three decades later and Glen's still living the dream, zipping around in a sweet motor coach, promoting a new record, and spreading Acoustic Anarchy all over America.

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