Ghostwridah Discusses His New Album, In Love With My Future

We've featured Ghostwridah a few times over the past few months. Every post was a precursor to the In Love With My Future album that after numerous delays, was finally released on June 30 via and various web sites.

Ghostwridah has always been very focused and precise when it comes to his music, and he's always wanted to put his city, South Miami, on the map. He's well on his way.Within the past couple weeks, he's been all over the place promoting the album, conducting meetings, and hoping to take his career to the next level.

Crossfade recently caught up with Ghostwridah, and coincidently he was in New York City as we did the interview. Read the Q&A after the jump.

New Times: You released the album a few weeks ago, how has the reception been since releasing it?

Ghostwridah: People have been more than receptive. The responses have been amazing. I've received positive comments from all over the world including Japan, London, and Germany. Places that I had no clue I had fans in. The internet is a beautiful thing!

Describe a song on the album that has a lot of sentimental or emotional back-story, and why?

Well I have an emotional attachment to each song on the project just because I really put my heart into this music and honesty into this music. But if I had to pick one, I'd say "Bright Lights" just because it's everything I'm going through at the moment. It's a song that everyone can relate to just because everyone at some point in their lives has chased a dream. We all want to succeed in life and "Bright Lights" is the soundtrack to success in my opinion.

What are you up to right now...promoting the album? Shows? Any new projects?

I'm actually in New York as we speak to do radio and going to my very first meeting with MTV. I have a few surprises up my sleeve. Shouts to my man Clarence at Music Television - big things are in the works. And as for as shows, I'm putting together a small 'In Love With My Future' tour, which I will kick off on 28th of July during a show called "The Rising", put together by my brother Joe of Last Rights Clothing. There's also the 'We Are Leaders' show in West Palm, which I'm excited about as well. And then as for projects, we're just pushing the album (which you can download for free here) and getting ready to release an all freestyles mixtape with DJ Smokey Bear. All in all, we're just moving forward. Smart progress is what I like to call it. For more details on the show dates, times and location, please visit the blog section on

What's next for you.?

What's next for me? Honestly I want the game! I'm in operation takeover mode right now [laughs]. But seriously, I'm just working towards greatness. I want to win Grammys, see the world, break my own artists and producers. I guess you could say I'm just conditioning myself for the day I'm received as a historian. I don't share this much with people but everything we're doing is more like a practice than anything. I see the 'ILWMF' album as a rehearsal for the worldwide album. This is why we treat every release like it's larger than life (no pun) we make the fans feel like they have to have our projects. We work and release all material as if it was our last each time so that when we are in the position to make and release albums, it will almost be second nature to us.

How important is having a strong team behind you - and how important was that team in getting you to where you're at now?

As for my team. They all played such an important role in this album and in my life. I have Big Chuck who I learn so much from on a daily basis. He's more than just a guy I'm signed to, but more like a mentor and a big brother. His work ethics and resources are incredible and it helps him to run The Hiram Group and Poe Boy better, which in turn helps the artist in major ways. I have my own company, The L.Y.F.E. Music and my team is growing stronger than ever. Lowkey, my right hand, has stepped up tremendously and quarterbacked a lot of situations behind the scenes. His music has spoken in volumes to the people because he's crafted a "GhostWridah Sound" that no one else in the city has. We just officially brought Mr. Familiar on board with The L.Y.F.E., which was actually done a couple nights ago right here in NYC. We're just expanding and looking to put Miami in the spotlight properly!

Your goal or goal(s) within the rest of 2010, for the next few months...?

To push this album to 25,000 downloads, a successful tour, to get my music on MTV and out to the masses (which is in the works). I'm just pacing myself -- the future holds beautiful moments for me. I see and feel it.

Any Last words before we let you go?

Artists...put God first, be humble and love your artistry enough to nurture it and make something happen. Be inspired and accept nothing but success! Even in failure, you can succeed in learning how not to fail again! Shout to my Hiram/Poe Boy family. My immediate team, The LYFE, Last Rights, Smokey Bear, all the bloggers and fans who support my art, thank you so much. God bless.

Download Ghostwridah's In Love With My Future album for free here.

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