Geto Boys at Blackbird Ordinary in Miami: A 27-Photo Recap

Geto Boys are like the 2 Live Crew of murder music. Probably why the crew's on the soundtrack to the new Grand Theft Auto V.

Last night, Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill, the multiplatinum artists from 5th Ward Houston's Rap A Lot Records, gave Miami a killer performance.

Their live show was a Texas Chainsaw Massacre that left Blackbird Ordinary raining blood. Big ups to Crazy Hood and its 20th anniversary for making it happen.

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Walked in at midnight and they were live on stage out back.

Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill were flowing back and forth just like on the albums

They were rapping about death, dismemberment, sex, drugs, parties, music, police, government, blood, bodies, and bald-headed hoes.

Motherfuckers were rapping every single word in time to the band.

It only cost $10 to get in, and that came with a free drink, beer or liquor.

Scarface rapped a capella about "you wonda why I hate ya, and I paint this picture? 'Cause the government is fucked up. And I ain't that nigga."

Bushwick Bill has a huge voice on record, and it's even huger in real life

They said "Put your hands in the air, wave 'em like you just don't care."

Willie D and Scarface were cracking on everything, and joking with the audience. "What's the three most important words in the English language?"

Some guy front row said "I love you..."

Scarface laughed out loud, shook the guy's hand, and said, "Pussy. Pussy. Pussy."

The weather was give and go with rain and thunder. Geto Boys said, "What the fuck you having a hurricane right now or what?" Somebody yelled back, "That's how we do it down here." People got wet some, but nobody cared.

Willie D was a stone-cold killer on every line.

Girls love Geto Boys

The crew slammed out rap after rap, stalking the stage as they passed off verses

Bushwick Bill signed autographs in the middle of the set

They had the crowd in the palm of their hand

Then they played "Mind Playing Tricks" and signed off.

They said "We don't normally do this, but we're gonna hang out, drink, and fuck with yall...take pictures, all that, whatever...."

And the crowd stayed rockin with the DJ. Inside the club, Remy girls were looking good, promoting

The table tops of the booth seats have plants growing out of them

Maybe to put into the drinks?

The bar was slinging drinks with speed and precision

Frank and Emma were like, "Hell yeah, that shit was awesome."

And outside Geto Boys stayed true to their word and hung out with fans drinking at the bar and taking pictures.

And that was that.

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