Get Swag With Lil B the Based God at Eve Tonight

You hear that? In the distance. That chanting. It sounds like some sort of mantra, like some sort of militaristic call to arms. It rings out from Western Hialeah, all the way to Pinecrest. What are the people saying? What is this holy refrain? Wait, wait, I can make it out now. Yes, definitely, they're chanting "#THANK YOU BASED GOD" (hash tag and all).

Yesterday, Major Event Marketing announced, via Facebook, a last-minute performance from Berkely-based weirdo rapper Lil B, AKA #BASEDGOD. In less than 24 hours, the event page for the self-described "once-in-a-lifetime secret show" has over 150 guests (still growing) and a comment-filled wall about a mile long.

Check the cut for more info on Lil B's performance tonight at Eve.

The Based God got his start in 2000s hipster-hop ensemble The Pack, cultivated a feverish internet fanbase that friended every one of his infinite MySpace mixtape pages, and now is second only to Odd Future as a messiah of new, idiosyncratic hip-hop as performed by barely legal babyfaces.

And Crossfade is so excited to hang with Lil B that we're going to string together a "can-barely-contain-ourselves" stream of conscious (Based God-style) babble: WONTON SOUP! ELLEN DEGENERES! SWAG! PRETTY BITCH! COOKING DANCE! HANNAH MONTANA!

Woo, that was crazy! And tonight will be even crazier as the controversial, sometimes nonsensical, sometimes deeply profound MC takes the stage at Eve.

Lil B with O'Grime, YNG, Lex One of Wizard Sleeve, and live art by Marlon Preuss, presented by Major Event Marketing. Sunday, June 12. Eve, 1306 N Miami Ave., Miami. The show starts at 10 p.m. Email [email protected] for reduced admission.

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Matt Preira