Get Naked with Marujah at Transit, This Thursday

Tune in, freak out, get naked. That's Marujah's motto. And theirs is music as befitting of public nudity as any. But the unique blend they call world-step/dub-funk/electro-rock is not exactly what you'd expect of a band hailing from Tennessee.

Almost equal parts rock, reggae and Latin, the songs that comprise Marujah's repertoire, songs like "Wetback" and "Lechuga de Diablo" feature loud, distorted guitars and distinctly syncopated island groove with lyrics that run the gamut from deep and existential to tongue-in-cheek hilarity. A personal fav of the latter flavor, "Cheap Tequila," which sums up perhaps one (or one hundred) too many nights from my own personal repertoire, with the lyrics, "we're fuckin' wasted!  On cheap tequila!"

Check out Marujah this Thursday night at Transit Lounge. And just to get in the grove, be sure to start the night with a shot of Gusano Rojo. Technically, it's mezcal, but it does come in a classy plastic bottle.

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