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Get Minimal This Thursday at the Awarehouse

"Less is more," proclaimed German-American modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, describing the aesthetics of minimalism. A post-WWII movement rooted in the European avant-garde, minimalism reduces form down to its bare elements, fusing aesthetics and functionality with elegant simplicity. You can see it in the stark formalism of Bauhaus architecture, and hear it in the repetitive austerity of Phillip Glass's compositions.

In the 21st century, minimalism continues to permeate the arts, and it's in celebration of this mutlifarious style that the Awarehouse arts space in Wynwood will be presenting its inaugural monthly presentation of minimalist sound, art and design entitled, well, Minimal.

The brainchild of several locals from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, Minimal will feature an eclectic and mind-boggling array of music, fine art, intelligent lighting, cymatic and electro-acoustic science displays, projection-mapped visuals, and interactive media.

Visuals will be curated by VJ AV8 and the Tecne Collective, a group of artists and programmers specializing in projection mapping, interactive video displays, and lighting design. And of course, such an exhibit wouldn't be complete without the sounds of minimal techno and assorted electronic beats, provided by DJs SpinnZinn (of WVUM 90.5 FM Radio) organicArma, Laura of Miami, Heather Holiday, and Kirkjon.

Admission for this monthly event is free, so come down on Thursday night and get your much-needed dose of culture with all that Minimal will have to offer.  

Minimal. Thursday, October 28. Awarehouse, 550 NW 29th St., Wynwood. Doors open at 9 p.m. and admission is free. Call 305-576-4004 or visit awarehousemiami.com.

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Sean Levisman