Gavanna Nightclub Relaunches Saturday with Entirely New Club Experience

Miamians don't wait until they really need one to get a face lift. Sometimes, it's more fun to just change things up because you can.

The same rule applies to Miami nightlife, and international Latin entertainment destination Gavanna Nightclub is keeping the spice in its relationship with its patrons, opening its doors to unveil a completely revamped luxury experience.

And what's really amazing is they made $200,000 worth of renovations in just a week.

Officially, Gavanna never even closed its doors.

"We had everything ready so when people left the place Saturday at 5 a.m., at 6 a.m., we had a crew of almost 40 people coming and rushing to do everything," said Gavanna Co-Owner and Marketing Director Nicolas Turbay. "It took a week, but it took 40 people to renovate the entire place."

Gavanna 2.0 from Gavanna on Vimeo.

Hectic as such a feat may be, Turbay thinks it's all worth it for the dedicated fanbase Gavanna has been proud to serve for the past two years and running.

"We have people from all over South America, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, some of them come to Miami especially to come to the party we have on Fridays," he said. "We've had a great reception from everybody here in Miami and we just wanted to do a relaunch, to revamp our space while we're on top, while we're till successful. We don't want to wait for things to slow down to react."

Construction is still underway, so no sneak peeks are available until Saturday night at 10:30, when the whole world will find out what Gavanna and its partners have been up to.

"For regular clients, the biggest surprise is when they cross the door," Turbay said. "It's going to be an entirely new experience for them, while of course keeping the feel and the vibe that Gavanna is known for."

Gavanna 2.0 is sponsored by Dom Perignon and Belvedere, ensuring nothing but "top-of-the-line" enhancements. They're also bringing a little something special for the Grand Relaunch festivities.

"The drink partners are giving away a lot of surprises at the party," Turbay said. "We have a lot of secrets that we can't tell everybody, but it's going to be huge. The people who come and are lucky enough to get in are going to have the time of their life."

Gavanna 2.0 Grand Relaunch Party, Saturday, Aug. 9, at Gavanna Nightclub, 10 NE 40 St., Miami. The party starts at 10:30 p.m., and cover is $20 for men free for women. Call 305-573-1321 or visit

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