Garage Pileup

Given the current craze for anything in a mop-top and skinny tie, it will be no surprise if Kindercore Records' the Agenda becomes the next MTV mod-revival darling. The music industry is gaga for garage rock, and the Agenda fits the bill (dollar signs were visible between the lines of an e-mail from the band's publicist to New Times, touting it as "the next big Hives/Vines/YYYs-type garage band.") But they're not there yet, and you can see them Friday, with Kindercore labelmates Maserati, I Am the World Trade Center, and Paper Lions, at Revolver.Combining a strident and nonsensical agenda (its Website touts its music as "high-energy stupidity") and snazzy black uniforms with fuzzy guitars and frenzied rhythms, the Agenda makes danceable punk. It's a perfect fit for Revolver, if not for Kindercore, a label initially known for electro-pop.

Their debut CD, Start the Panic, was released last month. Check out for MP3s of several Agenda songs (including exclamation point-laden "Shake! Shake! Scream!" and "Last Chance for Action!") to get a preview of the sonic chaos they'll bring to Soho Lounge.

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Forrest Norman
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