Gameboy/Gamegirl sans fourth member and beat producer Miami Horror.

Gameboy/Gamegirl: A Hipster Mockery?

Here was what I can't figure out about Australian quartet Gameboy/Gamegirl, are they embracing hipster culture or are they making an absolute mockery of it? With lyrics like "Vodka and cranberry/Shake it like it's February/Gin and tonic/The shit is ironic," it makes them sound like a cross between a poor man's "Hollaback Girl" mixed with 2 Live Crew. Then again, it's so infectious it stays stuck in your head all day long.

The calendar preview describes these kids perfectly, they usurp Miami culture (the booty bass, the neon, the freestyle genre) and do it better than anyone in the city. Now, just to figure out if it's all one big joke or if I'm just giving them too much credit. Behold the video evidence after the jump.

The Aussies perform this Saturday at Poplife at White Room. Doors open at 10. For more information, visit epoplife.com.

- Jose D. Duran

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