Furious Dudes, Lil Daggers Joint Record Release Show at Bar Tonight

Those who say "Miami has no music scene," take note: Furious Dudes (from Miami) and Lil Daggers (from Miami) are having a joint record release show at Bar (in Miami) tonight. Those who say Miami has no music scene, may have never seen these bands. Those who have seen them, well, they're in the scene; seeing bands from their town and supporting them.

Furious Dudes play a wild style of rock and roll, somewhere between hardcore and garage rock. They are a pretty intimidating looking bunch of dudes, with the tattoos and the beards and the sweat. They're celebrating the release of their CD, Florida Sucks. I motion we change the name to Miami's Pretty Cool, Dude, But The Rest Of Florida Sucks. When I save the CD into my iTunes, I will save it as: MPCDBTROFS (Miami's Pretty Cool, Dude, But The Rest Of Florida Sucks).

Lil Daggers, the drunken bastard sons of the Black Lips and the Murder City Devils, have a new 7" EP. King Corpse is 4 songs of chaos, despair and reckless abandon. It's got a song called "Ya Tu Sabes" on it, I'm sold. Only in Miami, and that's a great thing.

Both releases are on Boca Raton's Livid Recods, shit, I may have to change the name of that Furious Dudes CD to MABAPCDBTROFS (Miami And Boca Are Pretty Cool, Dude, But The Rest Of Florida Sucks).

In any case, its guaranteed to be a sloppy, drunken celebration of the Miami music scene. Enjoy it, Miami.

Lil Daggers and Furious Dudes, with guests from NYC, Deserter, at Bar, 28 NE 14th Street, Miami. Show starts at 10 p.m.; 21+ with ID; no cover. 28ne14st.com

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