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Funemployment Shares Tips on Recession-Era Raging at Churchill's Pub This Thursday

Next Friday, The Legion of Psychedelic Doom presents Funemployment, a Thursday night rager featuring a packed lineup and open mic.

The evening features Orlando garage goofs Slippery Slopes and a wide sampling of notable indie/punk/assorted local acts, including riot grrrl-ish trio Snakehole, black metal post-rockers Slashpine and no-pop ensemble Meat.

Crossfade checked in with legioneer Nicchols Toussaint to get the full scoop on partying during the Great Recession.

For the past year, Toussaint has been booking a series of events at venues like Sweat Records and Bar, as well as makeshift warehouse spaces, in an attempt to realize the Legion of Psychedelic Doom's "cartoonist" vision of nightlife, music and live performance. This leisure-time ideology, exemplified by Funemployment's namesake, exists within a loose parameter of rock music. As Toussaint explains, "I book everything, but prefer live music, done by hand."

As much as its title, Funemployment's lineup is a hearty display of the Legion's ethos. South Florida favorites Slippery Slopes are particularly known for their party rock buffoonery, and Crossfade supports an event that subjects the unemployed to projectile beer spitting. On the local front, Snakehole will be debuting a new drummer and local freeform station Jolt Radio will be pumping through the Churchill's PA. Additionally, the back patio will be hosting an open mic.

Of course, Churchill's is the capital of Psychedelic Doom. A British pub in Little Haiti would be a peculiar enough phenomenon, but the signature Churchill's, errr, ambiance really makes the truth a whole lot stranger than fiction. From the moment you park your car, you're met with bizzare characters, situations, and states of mind. You might even see a little live music. Can you remember the first time you stepped-right-up to Dave Daniels' nightly sideshow?

Funemployment is the perfect opportunity for veterans and first-timers alike.

Funemployment with Slippery Slopes, Snakehole, Ticks, Meat, Slashpine, the Cost, and Jellyfish Brothers. Thursday, June 9. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. The party starts at 9 p.m. and cover costs $5. Call 305-757-1807 or visit churchillspub.com.

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Matt Preira