Fuerza Bruta: It Ends Soon. Buy Your Ticket Now.

The run of Fuerza Bruta at the Adriennne Arsht Center ends next month. It's expensive as hell -- $75 per ticket -- but you shouldn't miss it.

Being in a dance club will never feel the same after you attend this show.

Every time you have had a few drinks, you will recall the plexiglass swimming pool descending so close you can touch it. The beautiful women dancing horizontally high in the air will come back to you after that third tequila. You'll even feel the smashing styrofoam on peoples' heads even though you're just leaning against a post.

This is touch it, feel it theater the like of which you will rarely see. The runs ends August 2. Call now. 

Creator Diqui James will thank you. And you'll thank yourself.  

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