Four Weird and Local Records From the First Half of 2011

There's only six months until the next round of apocalyptic hysteria, when the clock will strike midnight on January 1, 2012, and everyone will piss their pantaloons in transcendental excitement. Nothing will happen, another 11 months and 21 days will pass, and then it'll be time for the serious 2012 heads to go hide in the bunker, because they know the Mayans predicted a specific date -- December 21 -- for the end of the world as we know it.

The pre-apocalypse has been fraught with political upheaval and natural disasters, sure indicators of the impending occurrence. Also, there are weird records. "These people listened to some strange shit," they'll say. They being whatever aliens and/or Mayan Gods rummage through our stuff after we're gone.

Maybe they'll even hack into our wi-fi and read our blogs. Just in case, here are four new records from South Florida's underground, all released approximately six months before the end of times.

Wierd Records in NYC is ground zero for the minimal-synth cold wave revival. But flagship artist Staccato Du Mal (AKA Ramiro Jeancarlo) calls Miami home. The chill wave era champions lush, hazy, dreamy, tropically-inspired tones, and the reignited interest in a spartan, monochromatic style may surely be a temperature-reducing reaction. Staccato does the movement major justice with this latest full-length.  

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Matt Preira