Four Bars That Could Help Fill Miami's Rock Club Gap

With Churchill's Pub sold, the future of Miami's most legendary rock establishment is uncertain. It's hard to imagine that the new owners will shoot themselves in the foot by making radical changes. Shit, leave the bathrooms alone, save yourselves some cash.

Meanwhile, Tobacco Road could be facing relocation next year. But since there is a push for current employees to purchase and operate the famed bar, the only immediate question concerns the recent, so-called "Cocktail Collection" remodeling of the upstairs bar. Oh well.

And finally, The Vagabond's sudden closing left a pretty glaring gap in small- to mid-size venues in South Florida catering to rock 'n' roll. So no doubt, this is the best time for the following bars to cement themselves as paragons (or even fairly regular purveyors) of rock.

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4. Jazid

Yes, it is true. You don't have to say it. Jazid does not necessarily scream rock and roll and truth be told, they seem to have managed 18 years without pissing people off. They are also the only live music establishment left on the Beach. That's a proud badge to show off. They don't have to take our suggestion to heart but if they wanted to be a little retro, they could dedicate one night a week to that era of South Beach that was overrun by punk rockers, scumbags and fried grandparents on their final throes of life. It'll be perfect. It's a tight little place. Sweaty and their bathrooms are certainly not the best on Washington Avenue.

3. Electric Pickle

The Pickle is that little sliver of Wynwood that stands in defiance to the Midtown Mall. This is no David and Goliath story but back when it was operating as Circa 28, there were plenty of rock bands that came very close to burning that second floor down and that's not counting the potential for some hipster slamming his foot through the floorboards. You could feel that place shake and not in a good way. In other words, it would be perfect for some raunch to vibe in there again. The upstairs bathrooms still retain that sourdough-y post coital smell of yesteryear.

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2. Jada Coles

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This spot on Coral Way could do with a little more rock and roll within its walls. The location is pretty good, parking is never an issue and there aren't many neighbors around to give headaches. Will a more ne'er-do-well clientele cause problems? Who knows, there will always be some element that ruins the party for the rest of us but Jada Coles is far away enough from the problematic rule system of Coral Gables to ensure at least a place for local talent to hone their chops at.

1. Gramps

With their recent Poet in Decadence during O, Miami and the building of the outdoor stage, Gramps is already underway to becoming the answer to the question many have pondered recently. Don't be fooled by owner Adam Gersten's proclivities for plaid shirts or that weird charred rosemary infused bourbon whateverthefuckthatis cocktail; Gramps is a solid place to get oneself blotto to the sounds of feedback and creaking wood. It's already happening but it needs to happen with more frequency. Someone needs to return some edge to Wynwood. When Gersten retires in 2051 and sells the bar, it will be our grandchildren writing blogs, bitching about their beloved watering hole changing hands.

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