Four Awesome Covers by No Age, Playing Grand Central Tonight

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​It's no secret that Crossfade loves L.A.'s best scrappy lo-fi punk duo, No Age. Luckily for us, No Age seems to love our hometown right back -- or at least have booking agents who do. No seriously, they've publicly professed their interest in Miami recently, even if their schedules don't allow a lot of time to explore. Tonight, the band returns to the 305 for its fourth show here in a little over two years, and its third in less than 10 months.

(To recap, it was an opening slot for Panda Bear at a Nike-sponsored Art Basel party in December '08, then Sweatstock in April of last year, then yet a slot at the Fountain Art Fair this past December). Its early show at Grand Central features an opening slot by Miami's own awesome Beings -- and the set list should provide some surprises as well.

No Age has always thrown a few covers into its set, including some seriously underrated songs from punk rock past. What could come up tonight? Here are some possible awesome No Age covers the band could revisit.

No Age, with Rene Hell and Beings. 7 p.m. Tuesday, January 18, at Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-377-2277; grandcentralmiami.com. Tickets cost $12 in advance via wantickets.com or $15 at the door. All ages.

Any number of songs by Husker Du

The American version of the All Tomorrow's Parties festival, in upstate New York, remains one of the most smartly curated events on the festival circuit. It also leads to some of the most amazing collaborations left-field of the usual Apple commercial-indie fare of biggest festivals. In Septmeber 2009, No Age joined Husker Du mastermind Bob Mould onstage to play through a number of his band's classic tracks. There's documentation of at least "I Apologize" and "Something I Learned Today," and while it's unlikely they'll tackle it without Mould's iconic voice, it's a possibility. Here's that video of "I Apologize."

"It's Oh So Quiet" by Bjork

Two years ago, blog juggernaut Stereogum released its own free Bjork tribute album called Enjoyed. For their contribution, No Age took one of Bjork's biggest mainstream-ish hits, "It's Oh So Quiet," and seriously muddied it up. Fun fact: This is technically a cover of a cover of a cover. Bjork reworked the Betty Hutton song "Blow a Fuse," which in turn was a cover of a '40s Austrian song called "Und jetzt ist es still." Anyways, here's No Age's version.

"Six Pack" by Black Flag

How do you get a bunch of already-apeshit, sweaty No Age fans a lot more apeshit and sweaty? Oh, play a Black Flag song of first, especially an amped-up, balls-out one like "Six Pack," from the band's unfuckwithable first album Damaged. We salute No Age's mission to educate the all-ages crowds on punk rock's true past. Here's a video of them playing the song in California; we promise that when they played it here in Miami at the Fountain Art Fair, it was at least five times crazier.

"Don't Talk To Me" by G.G. Allin

Score another point for No Age's deep catalog digging. G.G. Allin is of course best known for all his latter-day, poo-flinging chimpanzee antics, but before he completely embraced nihilism, he wrote some songs that were almost poppy. Case in point: "Don't Talk To Me," an early track with his band the Jabbers. It's short, snappy, and catchy as hell, and No Age does it a good service by turning it into a pogo-ready live number. Here's video of the band playing it here in Miami at Fountain Art Fair -- and here's hoping they play it again tonight.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.